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by OliviaMorgado Geraldes (2018-06-23)

Hinode 12 Conference Registration Is Now Open!

The AstroHutech Hinode Solar Guider is the first autoguider designed for casual solar viewing as well as photography. To create a custom friend list: Scroll down to Friends on the left side of your News Feed. Hover over Friends and click More. Click + Create List. Enter a name for your list and the names of your existing friends you'd like to add to it. Click Create. You can add or remove friends from your lists at any time.

During the final year of my doctorate in Germany I was still figuring out what to do with my life. First I thought I wanted to pursue an academic career in the university, but the market was also not very good for that and the strong competition didn't seem to me by then to be a path that I was willing to tread. So starting in the translation industry also happened per chance when an acquaintance asked me if I wanted to translate technical texts. It all seemed very interesting, getting to know a CAT tool for the first time, seeing how fast you can translate and how much fun it is to keep a terminological database. I guess I noticed quickly that I enjoyed translating and proof-reading.

You can send someone to a list straight when you send them a friend request: After adding the person, click Friend Request Sent. Select the list you want to add them to. If the list you want is not visible, select Add to another list'¦ to see all of your lists or create a new one.

The origin of the warm emission in the core of the active region is unclear. It is most likely related to unresolved, high lying loops that form around the active region (e.g., Mason et al. 1999 ). Scattered light from the bright moss may also influence the observed intensities in this region. See, for example, DeForest et al. ( 2009 ) for a discussion of scattered light in the TRACE instrument. Scattered light levels have not yet been measured in EIS, but because EIS and TRACE have several similar design elements, such as a front entrance filter supported by a mesh and multi-layer coatings, observations of dim regions with EIS are also likely to suffer from some level of stray light.

I guess that's true and it is something you see on a daily basis, especially if you are working as an in-house translator. It is surely conditioned by the difficult market and people's fear of losing their jobs or clients. It might sound a bit idealistic but I would like to think about this in terms of finding the best professional partner or partners to actually come up with a good final product.

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Sounds like an 80s synthpop track. Only if the 80s synthpop track was reconstructed by a drug fueled serial killer. That recorded it through a half broken radio. Then the song was found, then played on a vhs. The Hinode 12 meeting will take place in Granada in September this year. We hope to see a great turn out from the UK! We will be looking towards science with Hinode, DKIST and Solar Orbiter.

I guess what really helped me out was financially planning my pregnancy ahead of time, so it wouldn't be a burden when I finally took a break to focus on my son. Two years before getting pregnant I was already buying gender neutral baby items and had two different savings accounts to prepare for the first few months: one for all of the big ticket items and one for 6 months of maternity leave.

Figure 2. EIS rasters from the core of NOAA active region 10960 taken on 2007 June 5 between 06:48:20 and 07:44:59 UT. With the exception of Ca xvii 192.858 Å, which was deconvolved from a blend with other lines using a procedure described in the text, the intensities were derived from simple single or double Gaussian fits to the line profile.

As is suggested by the 4 hr XRT movie associated with Figure 1 , the large-scale pattern of the soft X-ray emission from this region is remarkably steady. To illustrate this we have selected several points from the core of the active region and plotted light curves for the emission in these individual pixels. The light curves, shown in Figure 3 , generally show fluctuation visite o link a seguir levels of about 10%-15% around the median intensity for this time interval. In Figure 3 , we also show two points that illustrate the evolution of transient loops. The lifetimes of these brightenings are generally on the order of 1000 s or less and show that the intensities in the core of the active region are steady on timescales that are long compared to a cooling time.

Jack Widow is unlucky enough to end up in the hospital after an accidental train crash. Wrong place. Wrong time. But his luck goes from bad to worse when CIA Agent Benico Teller, forgotten, walks out of Widow's past and into his hospital room with classified intel that Widow must hear and an offer that he can't refuse.