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Beware of Killer Asteroid Trajectory Dooms Day Scares - Let's Talk

by Curtis Kasper (2018-07-05)

In the Sumarian civilization, the knowledge with the circular nature from the planet and also the solar system was called proven with a relic, an authentic Akkadian seal through the third millennium B.C. For some reason only seven bodies inside the inner part in the solar system such as Sun (the star around that the system orbits) were utilized in classical astrology. Those were the groups that were visible to ancient man's human eye observations. The main body of astrological teachings and information were depending on those seven bodies. In recent years the discovery of the latest bodies started slowly and accelerated to thousands each month. Thank goodness the speed of discovery has somewhat slowed. It will take an enormous amount of time for it to develop concrete astrological definitions as sheer quantity has tested our capacity to research and individually define quickly.

Indeed, on NEOs there are minerals and gases we may use for propulsion, and sustaining life temporarily on a trip the solar system. In the future we might use NEOs for commercial asteroid mining for specialty metals we need like our high-tech equipment. We may even find elements we did not know existed, or only suspected their existence. And are you aware that many NEOs have water molecules and their makeup?

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Using charts and graphs, mathematicians calculated Planet X comes close to Earth every 3600 many each pass brings considerable atmospheric change. The Earth observes a cycle of global warming and glacier melting. Sound familiar? NASA first observed Planet X in 1983 using Infrared Astronomical Satellite or IRAS. Since then changes happen to be documented on planets in close selection of Planet X.

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