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Edmunds compares Subaru Outback and Buick Regal TourX

by Reina Schiffman (2018-07-07)

The Subaru also averages four more miles per gallon than the TourX. The Outback's base four-cylinder engine isn't as powerful as the Regal TourX's turbocharged four-cylinder, but it boasts an EPA combined rating of 28 mpg versus the TourX's 24 mpg combined.

automotive soundproofing5 cubic feet of space, while the TourX offers 32. With its rear seats up, the Outback has 35. 3 cubic feet, and the TourX's to 73. Those are impressive numbers, on par with the cargo space in top-rated small SUVs such as the Honda CR-V. Folding the rear seats flat opens the Outback's trunk up to 73. Both also have plenty of cargo space.

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Both vehicles have comfortable seats with available leather upholstery, though the Subaru's seats are more accommodating for larger drivers and passengers. Still, in terms of material and design, the TourX feels more upscale than the Outback.

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