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Spooky House Producer Finds Real Spooks in King Assassination

by Maisie Tunstall (2018-07-29)

Producer-Director-Writer William Sachs of Spooky House fame has written a screenplay based on the Gary Revel investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. William Sachs is in negotiations with Gary concerning details of the conspiracy that will end up in the final draft of the screenplay and some details that may not. Gary Revel believes he knows more about the matter than any other living human being and is using that knowledge to advise Sachs on just how much and just how the Assassination Classroom Second Season dub should be portrayed in the screenplay. Some details; Gary says, "Must be withheld until the actual day of filming of the event.".

In company with Oscar Award winning actors, world famous celebrities and this high profile and contoversial project, Sachs is constrained not to tell this reporter very much except, "I have written a screenplay of Gary's story and am interested in seeing it come to the screen."

If you google Gary Revel you find numerous websites related to his work on the investigation. You also find his poetry, art and an autobiography titled, "To Live or Maybe Not". One reviewer of the book suggested it needed a rewrite with more details. Apparently that's the trick, getting Gary to provide the details. This writer isn't sure but it may be that we won't get the details until we go see the movie.