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Sign Petition to Disbar Peter Cedeno for his alleged sexual misconduct

by Aisha Madera (2018-08-08)

During the last Fifteen yrs, peter cedeno sued Cedeno's independent vocation has normally focused on peter cedeno sued marital as well as spouse and children legislation issues, in which he peter cedeno sued has been blamed of sexual transgression on numerous occurrences by his victims. He is understood to exploit his psychologically prone clienteles and has more than one pending lawsuits in opposition to him as a result of this. Lots of people have peter cedeno sued assembled on the internet on groups such as Reddit to exchange their unpleasant encounters they had with him.


Atesa, 41, and her spouse of 8 yrs are filing suit Cedeno, who is married, for malfeasance, sex crime and professional failure. He has also been mentioned to New York City Bar's Government Ethics & State Affairs Committee.

Mr. Cedeno operates a law practice by the exact name - peter cedeno sued L. Cedeño & Associates, peter cedeno sued P.C

Atesa Pacelli tabled a dispute opposing the unethical legal counsel, stating he 'exploited' her peter cedeno sued into copulating with him in the course of her 'particularly controversial' separation from her husband.

The lady is filing a claim against Mr. Cedeno, the divorcement peter cedeno sued attorney peter cedeno sued at law, for molesting her subsequently after her marital relationship broke down and after that attempting to wreck a rapprochement with her spouse.

If you're opposed to exploitation of women, or exploitation of anybody at peter cedeno sued all for that matter, in particular by persons in power who are expected to benefit the individuals and not opposing them, then feel free to initial our request and aid in bringing transparency peter cedeno sued to our judicial system.

If you would peter cedeno sued like to record your displeasure for the activities of peter cedeno sued Cedeno, don't hesitate to get in touch with his legislation firm and impart your reaction.

. Furthermore there have been a number of cases of constituents of peter cedeno sued's legislation office and peter cedeno sued Cedeno themselves lying to their clienteles, particulary female clients.