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Propane Lake City SC

by Swen Faust (2018-08-09)

3. Concrete Ring Kits.
Kits are available in octagonal, circular, rectangular and square in form having a range of size. Installation at the website is needed and finishing with a capping rock and side product. All burner pans, burners, gas connections and diffusing materials are supplied. Cost range is $2,000.00 up to $4,600.00

4. Pre-engineered Fire Pits, and Fire Hearths.
Pre-engineered gas fire pits can be bought an extensive kinds of forms, materials, finishes with choices of diffusing materials and ignition systems. Budget range $1,850.00 up to $5,500.00

5. Conversion steel that is artistic bowls.
All sculptural fire bowls created from 1/4" metal have a 1 1/2" empty gap into the base. A gas conversion package composed of a burner burner and plate are available. The gas supply is fed up through the drain hole to the burner. The package comes with most of the gas supply valves and flexible connections together with the material that is diffusing of option. Cost range $749.00 up to $2,500.00


1] Methane is the most affordable gas fuel but needs to be set up up to a static fire pit.
2] 20 lb Propane cylinders would be the most source that is versatile of gas you can use in both portable and fixed fires
3] check your gas connection for leakages
4] Never move a fire that is portable until it really is cool.

We live in France when We relocated through the US to France, I brought my Weber Grill. In the US I grilled all Spring, summertime and Fall. I was used to having a big yard and BBQ parties. In France, We knew I was likely to have a terrace so I brought the grill.

We went along to a store in the center of Toulouse called Midica. I believe it is generally more costly than other stores but I live, you don't have to drive, and it is easy to get to, I went there since it is in the center, where. I needed to inquire of how I could convert my US grill so that it works with all the butane canisters right here in France. I went as a problem. Messieur, it really is contrary to the legislation, blah, blah, blah, and on he went like all good people that are french. We said fundamentally I would have no problem making a connection with a new hose so the gas would work that I am relatively handy so. The employee must have duplicated 10 times it was against French law etc.
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1. Self contained gas fire pits using a single 20 lb cylinder saved in the metal root of the fire pit. Heat Output is from 26,000 - 40,000 BTU's. Price differs depending on finish associated with fire pit top and other features including ignition that is eletronic hidden settings etc. Body weight excluding cylinder between 97 lbs - 130 lbs. Price Range - $300.00 up to $1,000.00.

2. Patio Heaters with Heat production of 46,000 BTU's standing 87" tall. The base is covered by a cylindrical address that hides the 20 lb propane cylinder. The address lifts up to improve the propane cylinder. They have actually piezo ignition, tires for flexibility and a tip over security device. The area that is heated 18 feet diameter. Prices Range from $200.00 up to $600.00.

Static Firepits

Static fire pits are fueled by piped supply of either Methane or Propane and in addition by 20 lb propane cylinders. All piped fire pits should really be set up by a certified specialist.

1. Converting an fire that is existing or Stone Fire Pit.
To work on this you will require the annotated following:
a] 2" deep burner pan slightly less in diameter than the opening towards the top. Pans are provided in 24" dia., 30" dia. and 36" dia by having a budget range of $290.00 and $450.00
b] A burner with heat output to complement the burner pan at 60K BTU's, 120K BTU's and 180K BTU's with budget range from $190.00 to $390.00
c] Gas Connection package with valves
D] material that is diffusing Lava Rocks, Fire Glass, Fire Beads and or Fire Log Kits.

2. Metal Framed Fire Pit Kits.
Structures come in octagonal, circular, square, rectangular or shapes that are custom with fire proof concrete fibre board, burner pan and burner, all gas connections. For extra cost your choice of capping rock and part finishes can be obtained. Due to very nearly unlimited variations we cannot give a Price Range.