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City attorney criticizes law used to arrest Stormy Daniels

by Georgina Elliston (2018-08-10)

сукаKlein also dismissed charges brought against two employees arrested with Daniels. Future charges filed under that law will not be prosecuted, Columbus city attorney Zach Klein wrote on Wednesday in a memo to the city's police chief.

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He also said employees who touch police are not in violation because on-duty public officials are not legally considered patrons. Klein called the law "glaringly inequitable" because its applicability depends on how regularly the employee performs.

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Prosecutors dropped charges hours later, saying the law applied only to those who regularly performed at the club. Daniels was arrested last week and was accused of illegally rubbing undercover police officers' faces against her bare breasts during a strip club performance. This was Daniels' debut at Sirens in Columbus.

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