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bulk text messaging

by Sondra Gass (2018-08-16)

Poll: By texting different keywords your clients can now throw a vote just with the application of SMS. Most services allow you to run polls where you collect responses over a period some time graph them from your own online dashboard. Seems cool, right?

Groups: You can divide clients into teams based on which keyword they react to, how they voted in a poll, centered on their area code and more. Segmenting your visitors allows you to send more targeted promotions and coupons, which is more individual and they'll connect with it too.

Forward Photos and Videos: Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) advertising is just a fairly brand new development in which you yourself can send pictures and videos to customers. This is especially of good use if you want to deliver a flyer or restaurant menu up to a customer.

Location-based Marketing: Send various communications to customers according to their location. For instance: in cases where a customer is around your restaurant, you'll send them a text informing them about the dish regarding the time or discounts offered by your restaurant.
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What's advertising by the way?

In line with the market legend Philip Kotler and his co-author Kevin Keller within the book powerful book, Marketing Management, "Marketing is mostly about identifying and fulfilling human and social needs. One of the quickest good definitions of marketing is "meeting requirements profitably.""

And I particular like the definition of marketing by Richard Schefren, "Marketing is bringing the marketplace to desire your service or product."

So, have you been really doing bulk SMS marketing?

Taking into consideration the above marketing definitions, could you say you're really doing bulk SMS marketing? I mean, then send out promotional offers to them, would you say you're marketing if you rent a phone number list or even build the list yourself? Would that bring your market to want your service or product?

Unlikely. It takes significantly more than that. That is really what individuals call "sms blasting." In fact, bombard people who have too offers that are many they'll visited dislike you instead of desire you and your product.