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Designer Elie Kuame to Offer At Nyfw For Fall/winter 2013 Collection

by Henry Backhaus (2018-07-05)

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Onto the third choice, essential move to your ultra casual boy cut chic cardigan or coat. The long cardigan has been well liked choice to your while, whereas now are able to play along with look by purchasing the boyish fit cardigan. Boxy and boy fit shapes are very popular this coming year to smooth out the skinny pant that's the still very a-la-mode. Two Japanese designers are thriving with these looks. Try Comme des Garcons variety of v-neck sweaters and cardigans with their signature heart patch lapel. Comme des Garcons is acknowledged for their excellent take on classic clothes with a boyish flair and clip. Tsumori Chisato also offers a long, loose cardigan with a playful touch of contrast color compartments.