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Laura Bullock Hi, I'm Laura Bullock. I'm a Mom, a Housewife and internet savvy woman. I created this web site to overview merchandise found on web. I really feel if a product is reviewed by a typical individual like me then the real thing about it may be understood. Welcome To LetMeReviewThis.Org – A Review Website I created LetMeReviewThis.Org with the only objective to evaluate merchandise online. I came across lot of products which are available on the web. I discovered that most of the critiques that are posted don't have a heart and soul to it. They're all mechanical. With LetMeReviewThis.Org my purpose is to provide critiques after all critically analyzed however from a layman’s perspective. I really feel this fashion there's a higher connection with the user and they will be better in a position to understand the product and make knowledgeable resolution as to if to purchase it or not. Who am I And What I Do? I'm basically a house wife and was losing interest so I made