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The seventh Hinode science meeting will be held on Nov 12-15, 2013, in Takayama Japan. Exploring the Sun's magnetic field and outer atmosphere, to better understand the mechanisms that power the solar corona and trigger violent solar eruptions. Utilizamos seu perfil e dados de atividades no LinkedIn para personalizar e exibir anúncios mais relevantes. Altere suas preferências de anúncios quando desejar.

Yoga has helped me to become much more aware of my body and mind. As a consequence, I started making changes to my sitting posture and the position of my hands on the keyboard, while working. I noticed that my mind was calmer to reply to emails, communicate with direct clients, colleagues and agents, and reflect on translation options. What amazes me the most is that this all seemed to happen naturally ' as my mind became more alert and more aware of what was happening, I started to become more aware of my sitting posture, how my back is supported, how my hands bend or move while typing, how anxious or calm my mind is when faced with the daily workload, etc. This awareness allows me to make instant adjustments, paying heed to what my body or mind is trying to tell me.

The interpretation of many active region observations is complicated by the presence of overlying warm loops. For this region such loops are largely, but not completely, absent, giving a relatively unobstructed view of the core of the active region at warm temperatures. This is illustrated by the TRACE 171 Å movies associated with Figure 1 In these movies, we see large-scale 1 MK loops to the north and south of the active region core but not over the core itself. We also do not see many loops cooling through the TRACE 171 Å bandpass that are connected to the moss, similar to the observations considered by Antiochos et al. ( 2003 ).

A longitudinal multilevel study was conducted using daily panel data for 5,800 products sold and monthly time series on the business level, involving 26 months of commercial and financial records for a micro-enterprise (a drugstore). Panel and time series regressions were performed.

Caso vocês ainda nã saibam, também dou dicas de português no Periscope todas as segundas-feiras, às 14h. Basta me seguir no Periscope (@Alberoni) e você será notificado quando eu estiver on-line. Para votar é muito fácil e nã leva mais que 5 minutos.

There's not much you can really plan when it comes to having a baby. But the financial part of it is one that you can and I highly suggest you do so. Everything else will probably not go according to plan and you're either going to have to change your initial plan or just wing it. Whatever happens, don't lose focus, don't lose your mind, aprenda por aqui and ask friends, family and fellow translators for help. I say fellow translators because, family and friends can and will help you on a more personal level, but having good partnerships with fellow translators will literally save your business life when your baby gets sick and you need help with your translations and deadlines.

This is fundamental for understanding what triggers explosive events on the Sun. In particular, scientists want to learn if they can identify the magnetic field configurations that lead to explosive energy releases and use this information to predict when these events may occur.

The mountain lodge located at the 7th station on Yoshida trail and directly below the first-aid station, opens only during the summer. The owner Osamu Nakamura is a professional cameraman. He takes a lot of pictures of and displays them at the mountain lodge.Although it had originally been called Fumyodoson-muro with historical background, the lodge is named ‘Hinode-kan' (Sun-rise hall), because the building stands facing the east and is perfect for enjoying the sun-rise. At the Irori fireplace, the kettle for the tea ceremony donated by Fuji-ko (Mt. Fuji faith) in 1826 (Bunsei 9)is placed. It takes one hour and half from 5th station to Hinode-kan, and 4hours from Hinode-kan to the peak of the mountain.

Aqui estou eu, mais um ano, pedindo a ajuda de vocês para votar por mim na competiçã Top 100 Language Lovers (100 melhores sites relacionados a idiomas) realizada pelo É terceiro ano consecutivo que participo da competiçã. Em 2014, fui classificada como 19º melhor perfil do Twitter. Em 2015, fui novamente classificada como 19º melhor perfil do Twitter e como 20º melhor blog.

Hinode is an active mission devoted to the study of the Sun. Launched in 2006, it is still the reference mission for high-resolution measurements of the solar atmosphere, specializing in visible spectropolarimetry, EUV spectroscopy and X-ray imaging. Its unique capabilities remain unsurpassed and explain the very high, sustained scientific return of the mission. Hinode science meetings are organized yearly to bring together the Hinode, IRIS and ground-based community to discuss recent results and plan coordinated observations. The Hinode-12 meeting will be the sixth of the series to be held in Europe, following Hinode 1 in Dublin (2007), Hinode-4 in Palermo (2010), Hinode 6 in St. Andrews (2012) and Hinode 9 in Belfast (2015).

A searing solar prominence extends outwards from the surface of the Sun. The ‘wall of plasma' is the height of three times the Earth's diameter. Yoga is not something miraculous or supernatural; it helps you connect with and become aware of your body and mind, and remove the layers (misleading thoughts, habits, patterns) that hide your true essence.